Why I’m ACTUALLY Considering Applying for a Reality Show

I love smut.

Reality TV, or scripted reality, has become a social norm. Watching shows about women who fight over cheating men, relationship problems, and trading in old junk for thousands is a total vice for me.

Never had I ever considered however, being a part of one of these shows; they typically end in bad reputations, drug abuse and scandals.IMG_5328-0.GIFWho would have guessed that all that would change with a TV show — “Married at First Sight”?! Living in a world with the ever fading integrity of men like Chris Brown, Greg Oden, and now Ray Rice, it’s clear that civilization is birthing a bunch of entitled, cowardly, kindergarten, babies. Simply put – I’m not here for it.

Married at First Sight is a televised ‘social experiment’ where a group of doctors use scientific magic to match you with your perfect mate and then pay for you to marry them, without ever having even seen their faces. In this day and age, the idea of it is looking pretty good.IMG_5327.PNGMuch inspired my desire to blog post; I’m a born story-teller. But of all things, my class reunion inspired this first post. Being a successful late 20 something , I often question whether I appear too pretentious or mature for a “normal” guy my age, though I don’t feel I ever give off that aire.

Maybe it’s my weight. I work too much to meet someone. Most call them fancy excuses, but really what it boils down to is the fact that honestly, the good, safe guy who has equal ambition is few and far between. And Tinder in all it’s splendor — a real treat. I enjoy a roulette of nudes without faces and guys who are “just in town for the weekend”. JUST. STOP.

I think that ultimately, we have to be happy and comfortable in the place that we’re in. A friend recently said that “you know you’re with the right person when the weird shit you do at 3 am isn’t all that weird to them”. Rather than worry about the finite and immature details of what he looks like, how straight his teeth are, and what car and social status he has, I think I’ll wait a little longer on that guy who eats cereal and paints the walls with me at 4 AM.

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